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Railroad Ties for Purchase in New Mexico

If you’re searching to buy railroad ties in New Mexico, you’ve come to the right place. Just Sprinklers continues to be one of the leaders in providing local and surrounding communities with railroad ties for their landscape maintenance and lawn development projects. With an average of 21 million wooden railroad ties being taken out of service in the U.S. each year, using them for DIY projects is becoming more popular every year due to their beautiful, rich appearance and their ability to be reused and recycled.

From adding beautiful and rustic retaining walls to establishing flat land to plant a new flower bed to finally adding a new pathway to your garden, railroad ties have increasingly become more popular specifically when it comes to garden and landscaping use.

Types of Railroad Ties

At Just Sprinklers, we get our hands-on quality railroad ties of all types. Our team is more than happy to learn about the new projects you have in mind, to ensure we are providing you with the best railroad ties for the job.

The railroad ties Just Sprinklers has for sale include:

  • Grade 1 – Also labeled as premium railroad ties, these ties are #1 grade quality and are like new with reduced cracking and splitting.
  • Grade 2 – Housing two or three straight good sides, #2 grade quality railroad ties are labeled as fair condition.

With our expert help, our team will ensure they are providing you with the railroad ties you need for your project. At Just Sprinklers, we have just about everything you may need for your next landscaping project. If you’re not into the DIY approach, you can rest assured knowing that our team can help complete any installation services you need to be completed.

Expert Installation Services

Whether your property is very hilly or you’re simply looking to add some new depth to your property, railroad ties can be very useful. While Just Sprinklers is proud to be one of the biggest sellers of railroad ties in New Mexico, we also provide installation services. No matter the use, our team can discover a convenient and high-quality installation solution for your home using our repurposed railroad ties.

Some of the uses of railroad ties include:

  • Edging – Whether you’re creating a pathway or adding a dash of symmetry to your lawn, railroad ties can be one of the best ways to ensure edging in your property. With defined and straight sides, railroad ties create defined lines in your lawn.
  • Retaining Walls – If your lawn is hilly, you may benefit from retaining walls that create a flat patch of land for you to do what you want with. Not only does this give you more area to use on your lawn, but it also gives you a beautiful terraced backyard to enjoy. Additionally, retaining walls can be built with railroad ties to slow down the soil erosion of your lawn.
  • Landscaping Décor – Whether you’re looking to surround a tree, create a pathway, create a small garden, or create a design in your front lawn with the help of gravel, rocks, and grass, railroad ties have endless uses to benefit the appeal and functionality of your landscape.

No matter the project, be sure to turn to our team at Just Sprinklers. From selling premium railroad ties of all grades to implementing them into your space with high-quality installation services, there’s no question how our team has become the state’s biggest provider for quality railroad ties.

If you have any questions about our railroad ties for purchase or installation services, give us a call at (505) 388-0055 or contact us online today!

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