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Have you noticed issues with your sprinkler systems, such as an obvious leak or even a spike in your water bills? Don't waste water by running a broken or malfunctioning sprinkler system. Our professional team is capable of handling all types of sprinkler repairs in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas, including the diagnosis of problems.

If you are unsure what is causing issues with your sprinkler system, you can count on us to pinpoint the problem and find the ideal solution for you. We'll happily answer all your questions so you can make an informed decision about your lawn.

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Our Sprinkler Repair Services

Our irrigation repair services in Albuquerque include:

  • SprinklerRepairing broken sprinkler pipes
  • Repairing sprinkler timers
  • Replacing sprinkler timers
  • Repairing fittings
  • Adding new sprinkler heads
  • Repairing sprinkler heads
  • Replacing sprinkler heads
  • Repairing water pressure issues
  • Eliminating water leaks
  • Repairing cut wires
  • Repairing automatic rain shut-off
  • Replacing automatic rain shut-off

micro / mist sprinkler

Signs You Need Sprinkler Repair

Maintaining a well-functioning sprinkler system is crucial for keeping your lawn lush, green, and healthy. However, like any other system, sprinklers can experience issues over time. If you notice any of the following signs, it's essential to seek professional sprinkler repair services from our team at Just Sprinklers in Albuquerque. Addressing these problems promptly will help you avoid further damage and ensure efficient irrigation for your landscape.

Uneven Water Distribution

One of the most common signs that your sprinkler system requires repair is uneven water distribution. If certain areas of your lawn are dry while others are excessively saturated, it indicates a problem with your sprinkler heads or the overall system. This issue may be caused by clogged or misaligned nozzles, damaged valves, or a malfunctioning controller. A professional repair service can diagnose the problem and restore proper water distribution to maintain a healthy lawn.

Low Water Pressure

When your sprinklers produce weak or inconsistent water pressure, it's a clear indication of a problem.

Low water pressure can result from various issues, including:

  • A faulty valve
  • A leak in the system
  • Or a clogged nozzle

Ignoring this sign can lead to inadequate irrigation, leaving your plants and grass deprived of the necessary water supply. Professional sprinkler repair technicians can identify the root cause of the low water pressure and restore optimal functionality to your system.

Excessive Water Usage

A sudden spike in your water bills without any apparent reason may indicate a hidden problem with your sprinkler system. Leaks in the underground pipes or malfunctioning valves can cause water to be wasted, resulting in higher water usage and inflated bills.

If you suspect that your sprinkler system is responsible for the increased consumption, it's crucial to schedule a sprinkler repair service promptly. An experienced technician can inspect your system, detect leaks, and repair any faulty components to minimize water wastage.

Dry or Pooled Areas

If you notice dry patches or areas with pooling water in your lawn, it's a clear indication of an irrigation problem. Dry areas can result from broken sprinkler heads or blocked nozzles that prevent water from reaching those specific spots.

On the other hand, pooling water can be caused by damaged valves or faulty programming. Professional sprinkler repair services can diagnose the issue, repair or replace the necessary components, and ensure proper water distribution throughout your lawn.

Strange Noises or Vibrations

Unusual noises or vibrations coming from your sprinkler system are signs that something is amiss. It could indicate issues with the valves, pipes, or the overall water pressure. Ignoring these signs can lead to further damage to your sprinkler system and potentially result in costly repairs. Seeking professional sprinkler repair services can help identify the source of the problem and resolve it promptly, ensuring your system operates smoothly and quietly.

Don't let a malfunctioning sprinkler system jeopardize the health and beauty of your lawn. If you notice any of these signs, reach out to Just Sprinklers in Albuquerque for reliable sprinkler repair services. Their team of skilled technicians will diagnose and address the problem efficiently, allowing you to enjoy a thriving and well-irrigated landscape. Trust the experts at Just Sprinklers to keep your sprinkler system in optimal condition year-round.

How to Shut Sprinklers Off in An Emergency

We all have moments where the sprinkler head breaks and gushes of water come out. In a moment like that, it’s important to know how to turn your sprinklers off. Turning off the water at the control won’t help when it comes to leaks – you’ll have to cut off the main water going to the sprinklers.

Two Places to Turn Off Water to Sprinkler System

  • Backflow Device – You can most often find your backflow device outside the house or in the basement. There should be two valves on your device – turning either one of them should stop the water supply to the sprinkler system.
  • Main Water Line – If you can’t find the backflow device or it’s the device that’s leaking, you can turn the water off at the main water source. You can find this either in the basement or garage. Again, you’ll see two levers, one that goes straight to your sprinkler system. Just that off to stop the water flow.

How to Winterize a Sprinkler System

Winterizing home sprinkler systems can help homeowners save money and protect their investment in the winter months. By taking a few proactive steps before winter arrives, you’ll be able to ensure that your sprinklers are winterized and ready for use when spring comes.

The first step is to check the system for any signs of damage or wear. This can include looking for leaks, cracks, clogs, and other issues in the pipes or sprinkler heads. If any damage is found, it’s important to get it fixed as soon as possible before winterizing your sprinkler system.

Once the system has been checked for any problems, you should then winterize it. This can be done by draining the water and air from the pipes, turning off the sprinkler system’s power source, and disconnecting any hoses or valves connected to the system. You should also turn off any timers or controllers that are used to control your sprinklers.

Lastly, you should cover any exposed pipes or sprinkler heads with an insulating material. This will help protect your system from freezing temperatures, as well as from damage caused by animals or debris.

Taking the time to winterize your home’s sprinkler system is a simple but important step in ensuring its long-term health and longevity. Doing so can save you money on winter repair costs, and help you keep your lawn healthy and green for years to come.

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